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Enforceability of Termination Clauses in Employment Contracts – Trending towards Clarity, or More Uncertainty?

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It is a fundamental rule of labor laws in Toronto that workers fired without cause are assumed to be qualified for common law reasonable notice of termination unless unmistakably consented to a different notice period, normally through a termination clause in an employment agreement, that does not damage the statutory minimums recommended by the Employment …

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Why the need to hire Personal injury lawyer Brampton has arrived?

brampton personal injury lawyers

At many places, Dogs have seen to be known as Man’s Best friend because they are considered as the loyal, cute and most incredible animal in the world. They are most likely to be kept as a pet at home. People find them a very loving creature around the world and this is the biggest …

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What are the types of Work Permits in Canada?

work permit lawyer

Canada always welcomes immigrants. To help gifted immigrants progress to their job, the country has produced over 70 immigration alternatives. If you aspire to move to Canada, your first step should be submitting an application for a Work Permit. When you ask a Work Permit Lawyer about it, you will get to know that there …

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Know the Right Way to Choose the Best Immigration Lawyer

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According to the survey, Canada is emerging to be the most popular destination for immigrants. People, from countries like India, Bangladesh, New Zealand etc., move to Canada for professional and personal development. Don’t halt your dreams if you want to settle your future in this country. The entire journey is easy but intricate. Following the …

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3 Prime Reasons to Get a Divorce Lawyer Today

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Divorces are rarely easy. At times, marriages that end early and on mutual consent don’t require the assistance of an Oakville divorce lawyer. However, divorces that involve children, conflicting spouses, the issue of property distribution, etc. are often messy. In such cases, when emotions are sensitive and the capabilities of decision making are muddled up, …

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Will Hiring a DUI Lawyer Benefit You Under a DUI Charge?

dui lawyer

Driving under influence is one of the most common cases that millennials are charged within Canada and beyond. The reason is the youth who are warm-blooded, and has a daredevil approach at life often carelessly drink before considering the outcome. As a result, often they end up plunging headfast into an accident, or by a …

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Things to Consider When Your Visa Application is Rejected

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Refusal of visa application is a common phenomenon. It may happen with you too. However, that doesn’t shatter your dream to make it to Toronto in any way. A professional Toronto immigration lawyers providing guidance can help you to do away with the ado. It usually takes several weeks to make yourself ready for the …

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