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Participate in local democracy

Volunteers are needed to cover local civic issues. You would attend city or school board meetings and assist in reporting on the process and outcomes.
E-mail us at with your reports on city issues, photos, links to other relevant sites and suggestions to improve our site.

Do you have Kingston photos we could use on our site?
Please send them to us, by e-mail to If you have large number of photos you would like to submit please e-mail us with the details and we make arrangements to provide you with simple uploading options.

Please note that you can also add a photo or graphic to a posting in our forums if you are a registered member.

Kingston Electors exists to add depth to the discussion of local issues. We have no commercial connections. We strive for balance. Our site has background articles, editorials and an active discussion forum. You will find that from time to time we highlight issues of interest. First time visitors should click on the link at the top of this page for more information on registering.