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City of Kingston Web site  www.cityofkingston.ca

Whig Standard newspaper  www.thewhig.com/webapp/sitepages

Kingston Heritage Newspaper www.whatsonkingston.com/heritage

Independent Voice - community press www.independentvoice.ca

Kingstonians Concerned About LVEC  www.kcal.ca

Kingston Parks issues  k7waterfront.org/Topic/Parks

Kingston Waterfront issues  k7waterfront.org

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper - Kingston issues
(click here for general link)

Friends of the Tett Centre - www.friendsoftett.ca 

County of Frontenac

County of Frontenac web site  www.frontenaccounty.ca
The County of Frontenac is an upper-tier municipality serving the Townships of North Frontenac, Central Frontenac, South Frontenac and the Frontenac Islands which surround Kingston to the north and south.

Urban Commentary

John Sewell

Localgovernment.ca - resources for stronger local government.

Ideas That Matter - Ideas That Matter is a Canadian organization which convenes and publishes on a range of issues to stimulate public discourse. It is particularly interested in issues related to cities, urban economies and the values of diversity, community and the public good. Ideas that Matter is inspired by the wide-ranging ideas and principles of Jane Jacobs.

Inclusive Cities Canada - A Cross-Canada Civic Initiative is a unique partnership of community leaders and elected municipal politicians working collaboratively to enhance social inclusion across Canada.

Governing.com - the online version of the American journal Governing that provides news, commentary and advice on state and local government.

Urban issues from other communities’ perspectives

York Region Community Awareness, list service

Toronto Community Awareness - list service

Urbansource- non-profit book store for books on urban issues  www.urbansource.org

Greenontario- very active- list serve- anti sprawl www.greenontario.org/smartgrowth/donate.html

Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods – important for all those interested in building neighbourhoods. 

Urban League of London - encourages citizen participation in community and civic affairs.

Narberth Civic Association, PA - The association tries to identify, clarify, and communicate issues or problems of concern to the community. It advise our local government on these issues.

Local Public Safety issues

Toronto Police Accountability Coalition - a group that encourages debate about police policy issues and to making the police more accountable to the public.

A not-for-profit, freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago. At any given point, this site contains crime-report information spanning a 90-day period. 

Links with an Environmental Emphasis

Provincial Air Quality - Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Peel Environmental Network – contains an excellent links section to other environmental groups.

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper – very important to lakeside communities  www.waterkeeper.ca/lok/index.cfm

Bullfrog Power - Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer

Caledon Countryside Alliance - a not-for-profit group whose objective is to ensure that Caledon and its Headwaters region maintain their rural character

The Bathroom Diaries - public washrooms, always an environmental issue!


The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) is responsible for the Ontario Municipal Act The Municipal Act provides for the structure of local municipalities and counties, and sets out their basic powers including the ability to regulate (for example, licensing), provision of services, finances and roads.
www.mah.gov.on.ca/scripts/home.asp? action=31&P_ID=1&N_ID=1&U_ID=0&OP_ID=2

Electoral Reform

FairVote - FairVote is the leading US organization acting to transform elections to achieve secure and universal access to participation and a full spectrum of meaningful choices.


Federal Legislation

Ontario Provincial Legislation

Federal Public Infrastructure and Sustainable Communities programs

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