Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Select a question below. If you have questions that are not answered by the following FAQ please contact us at moderator@kingstonelectors.ca

Why should I register with Kingston Electors?
In order to fully use the abilities of our Kingston Electors forum, we need you to register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:

  • Post new threads (more information on “threads” can be found below)
  • Reply to other peoples’ threads
  • Edit your posts (more information on “posts” can be found below)
  • Receive e-mail notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Enter events in the forum calendar
  • Set up a ‘buddy-list’ to quickly see which of your friends are currently online
  • To register, you will need to specify a user name and password, and a valid e-mail address. Entering your e-mail address will not leave you open to ‘spam’, as you can choose to hide your e-mail address, and messages sent to you via e-mail do not reveal your address to the sender in any case. (To verify this, you can try sending an e-mail message to another user.) The moderator may have configured the forum to send you the final part of the registration process by e-mail, so ensure that the email address you provide is valid and working.

If you are under the age of 13, the moderator may require that a parent or guardian provides consent before allowing you to complete the registration process. More information about this is available during the registration process.


What is an Internet Forum?

An Internet forum is a web application which provides for discussion for online communities. Some older forums date back to the mid 1990s, following the model of newsgroups and bulletin board systems which were widely used in the 1980s and early 1990s. Forums are available for any number of different topics including technology, computer games, and politics. Internet forums are also commonly referred to as web forums, message boards, discussion boards, discussion groups, or simply, forums as we do here at Kingston Electors.

Our forum software allows more than one forum to be created. These forums are containers for topic “threads” (see below for more information on threads and postings) started by the community. Depending on the permissions given to community members, as defined by the board’s moderators, they can post replies to existing threads and start (or “post”) new threads as they wish.

Forum software can be broadly divided between those which allow members to post anonymously, and those which attribute posts to a registered user name as we do at Kingston Electors. For user name-based software, visitors register by creating a user name and a password, with an e-mail address for validation purposes. Forum members are often able to customize both how their posts display to others (for example image avatars, user profiles and signatures) and how the board appears to them (for example, using different colour themes). Kingston Elector’s uses a user name-based software which provides for anonymity. We allow our members the option to join our forum by registering using a pen name (a ‘nom de plume’) which is the only identifying information which appears to others using the forum.

Visitors to the Kingston Electors site can view postings within the various threads on the Forum but cannot make a posting until they join our site as a member.


What is a thread?

Threads are simply topics of interest to which forum members may comment on by posting a brief note. Threads in our forum are “threaded” so that each post is made in reply to a parent post.
Click here for an example of a Kingston Electors Forum topic Thread.


What is posting?

A posting is simply a note or comment which either starts a thread or responds to an existing thread on an issue of interest within a forum. Postings within a thread can contain quotations from an earlier posting and attachments such as photos.
Click here for an example of a posting to a Kingston Electors Forum topic thread.


Do I need to register to view forum postings or articles?
No you can simply view or search either our forum or articles at any time without registering. A condensed version of our frequently asked questions can also be found within the forum software by clicking here.


Does this forum use cookies?
The use of cookies on this forum is optional, but may enhance your experience of the site. Cookies are used to enable functions such as showing whether or not a thread or forum you are viewing has new posts since your last visit, or to automatically log you back in when you return to the site after being away for a while. When you register, you will be given the option to ‘Automatically login when you return to the site’. This will store your user name and password in a cookie, stored on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, such as in a library, school or internet cafe, or if you have reason to not trust any other users that might use this computer, we do not recommend that you enable this.

Our forum also gives you the option to use a cookie to track your current session, ensuring that you remain logged-on while browsing the site. If you choose not to store this information in a cookie, the session data will be sent through each link you click. Choosing not to use a cookie may cause problems if your computer’s connection to the Internet uses a proxy-server and you share links with other users behind the same proxy. If in doubt, we recommend that you select ‘yes’ to enable the cookie. After you have registered, you may alter your cookie options at any time by changing the settings on this page.


How do I clear my cookies?
You may clear all your cookies by clicking here. If you return to the main index page via the link provided and you are still logged in, you may have to remove your cookies manually.

Here are the instructions for Internet Explorer 5+ on Windows:
Close all Internet Explorer windows.
Click the “Start” button.
Move up to “Find” and click “Files or Folders” from the menu that appears.
In the new window that appears, in the “containing text” field, type in the domain name of the forum without the “http://” or “www.” part. For example, if the forums’ address was “http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/index.php”, I would type in “vbulletin.com” (without the quotes)
In the “look in” box, type in “C:\Windows\Cookies\” (without the quotes) and press “Find Now”
After it has finished searching, highlight all files (click a file, then press CTRL+A) and delete them (press the “delete” key or SHIFT+DEL)
Your cookies should now be removed. You may want to restart the computer and revisit the forums to be sure.