Kingston Electors

Welcome to our web site. We encourage your interest and involvement.

Like the civic improvement leagues of the 19th century, our goal is to foster good local government. Through this website, we are using 21st century tools to harvest ideas and create a dialogue that will help our community reach its full potential.

Who Are We?
A group of people who live in Kingston, have an interest in public policy and are committed to encouraging a wider and more in-depth discussion of issues that affect our community’s well-being.

Our Philosophy
Our community has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It is our goal to tap those resources and make them more readily available and better utilized in the decision making process.

There are already many ways in which citizens become involved in their community. This interactive web site is an additional tool in building a better informed, more involved community.

We invite people with information, creative ideas and opinions to contribute to this independent forum.

Our community has many traditional voices on a wide range of issues. We welcome those—but we are here to encourage new voices as well.

We are not a newsgathering agency. The media has its own role to play in influencing debate and public opinion.

It is our goal to promote ideas and discussion—-not individuals, programs or causes.

To be effective, this website must remain credible, understandable and interesting. To meet that objective our editors select material on the basis of subject matter relevant to our goal and standards related to accuracy and fairness. Mutual respect is the foundation for debate on issues that are bound to be controversial. We recognize the difficult task this poses for our editors.

Users of this web site are granted a limited license to display or print the Content for their own non-commercial use only, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, provided the Content is not modified. Any other use of the Content or the web site Design is prohibited.